Lab members

Julien Courchet - D.V.M., Ph.D.

I graduated from the National Veterinary School of Lyon in 2003 and subsequently joined the group of Marc Billaud at the University of Lyon where I earned a Ph.D. in cell biology and signalling in 2008. My graduate work focused on a family of RNA binding proteins termed hMex-3 and involved in the sorting of mRNA to distinct RNA granules.

I subsequently joined the lab of Franck Polleux at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (2008-2010), the Scripps Institute (2010-2013) and Columbia University in New York (2013-2015). My work focused on the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying cortical axons formation, outgrowth and branching in the mouse cortex.

Since 2015 I hold a Researcher position at INSERM and joined the NeuroMyoGene Institute at the University of Lyon. My group "Energy metabolism and neuronal development" studies the local regulation of metabolic pathways in developing axons.

Postdoctoral researchers

Orianne Olivares - Ph.D.

Dr Olivares earned a Master's degree from the University of Aix-Marseille and did her Ph.D. in the lab of Juan Iovanna working on the metabolism of pancreatic tumor cells. Following a first postdoc in the Gottlieb lab in Glasgow, she joined the lab in 2018 to work on our ERC project.

Orianne's work focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying metabolic remodeling in the developing mouse cortex.


PhD students

Audrey Garcia

Audrey joined the lab in 2017. She did her undergraduate studies at the University of Lyon.

Her work focuses on the regulation of intracellular signalling pathways by extracellular cues in the context of axon morphogenesis.

Marine Lanfranchi

Marine joined the lab in 2017 after earning a Master's degree in aging from the University of Paris Saclay.

Her Ph.D. project aims at characterizing some of the molecular mechanisms involved in the local regulation of the energy metabolism in developing axon.

Research Engineers

Géraldine Dilhet

Géraldine earned a Master's degree from the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. Her expertise is in mouse behavioural analyses in neuroscience.

Géraldine joined the lab in May 2018 pursue the characterization of the functional consequences of neural circuits alterations on mouse behaviour.

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