Financial support for our research comes entirely from public funds and research grants from non profit agencies. We gratefully acknowledge the following agencies for making our work possible.

The European Research Council - ERC Starting Grant 2015

Research program STG2015-678302-NeuroMet

The ERC starting grant is the main source of funding for our lab and aims at exploring how axon morphogenesis is controlled by a dynamic regulation of metabolic pathways.

Association Française contre les Myopathies - AFM-Telethon

Our lab belongs to the MyoNeurALP Alliance consortium supported by the AFM-telethon. Funds from AFM are engaged in a research fellowship fom Marine Lanfranchi, PhD student in the lab.  

Previous funding

Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale

Program Amorçage jeune équipe

Our lab is extremely grateful for the support from the FRM who provided seeding funds for our installation in Lyon and made possible the creation of our research group.


Julien Courchet received a 2 years young researcher grant from INSERM

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